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TMS Discussion Threads
The following is a list of links to some of the better discussions from our old forum. However, we encourage you to visit our new forum instead.

  • The Presence Process: "PP taught me that emotional reactions to situations are learned, and once we recognize this, we can work on responding consciously rather than reacting unconsciously to situations. In other words the PP helped me to understand “Why does this keep happening to me?” And how to do something about it."

  • Tumor on toe: "I noticed a lump on my 4th toe which I have just had diagnosed as a calcified Brown Cell Tumor on the tendon sheath. My specialist wants to cut it out but warns that they may have to amputate the toe if the tumor has attached to the blood vessels. Is there any chance this could be a TMS type thing or do I have to accept the evidence? The trouble with having had success with the mind body approach, it's difficult to know if a condition is caused by TMS or not."

  • TMS or Truly a bulding disk: "I have had sciatica for about a year now. I done PT, Oral Steroids, Chiropractic, ice and heat. I am at wits end because nothing is working. I have had an MRI and it revealed a slightly bulging disk at L5-S1 that ""may or may not be the root of my pain"". I have all the symptoms of a bulging disk, but I am wondering now if I have TMS. Any advice you can give me is much appreciated. I guess my biggest question is that if all my symptoms support the L5-S1 bulge, how can it be TMS?"

  • Surgery - I don't know: "My understanding is that surgery is only necessary when there is neurological compromise. The way you describe your pain as tolerable and don't mention symptoms of neurological compromise, it doesn't sound like it is definitely necessary. Besides, you did have two doctors tell you that you didn't need surgery. The neurosurgeons have increased your fear, which can worsen your pain. Fear and worry can cause pain to persist long after an injury has healed."

  • The importance of EXPLORING OUR CHILDHOOD: "Dr. Sarno tells his patients that our “overflowing beaker” of rage is made up of three components: 1/3 childhood, 1/3 current stressors, and 1/3 our personality. When I first wrote out my “list” as prescribed by Dr. Sarno, it did not include childhood issues as I had enough currently going on to consume my writing time. But as things were uncovered in my journaling, I realized that when a couple girls picked on me in 4th grade for being the new kid, it hurt my feelings."