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TMS Discussion Threads
The following is a list of links to some of the better discussions from our old forum. However, we encourage you to visit our new forum instead.

  • The physical side of TMS: Sometimes when I read the post on TMS forums I feel quite depressed by the amount of self-denigration that seems to accompany the TMS diagnosis. I don't know whether it was there before the diagnosis or not but in some cases it seems to make it worse!

  • Could vasculitis be TMS?: EMDR deals more with psychological issues (though also with some somatic conditions). It also seems to deal more with trauma issues that are either known or that can readily be pulled out of the subconscious, and not so well - in my case anyway - with possible deeply repressed subconscious traumas.

  • Any phrases, affirmations that help others recover?: When I had flare ups I just used to say stuff like this: "Right, there's nothing wrong with me physically, I KNOW that, so what's going on emotionally... work? ...finances?"...etc? Until I'd hit on something and suspect it might be that.

  • Susan Derozier’s email to the TMS Wiki: You are doing exactly what you should be in just writing whatever comes. I realize you are anxious to jump into the child experience but sometimes we need to just follow whatever words present. Sometimes it may not seem to make a lot of sense but believe me, it will.

  • DocSklar’s Presence Process Thread: PP (and journaling) helped me understand that my parents were a product of their upbringing and allowed me to be more compassionate towards them. Everyone is looking for unconditional love.

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