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TMS Discussion Threads
The following is a list of links to some of the better discussions from our old forum. However, we encourage you tovisit our new foruminstead.

  • Another syndrome name: "This is going to be super challenging, but what is it going to take to get at least the TMS docs to agree on one name for tension induced pain? I notice Dr. Schubiner's name for TMS is MBS - Mind Body Syndrome. Brady names it AOS - Autonomic Overload Syndrome."
  • Will journaling open a can of worms: "Right now I think it's not the issues that I was unaware but the feelings about them. I didn't allow myself the vulnerability of actually feeling hurt, ashamed, because it made me feel weak, a failure, which in turn fed on my low self-esteem trait."
  • Why do some people not get on with Dr Sarno’s method?: "It has occurred to me that the usual Sarno method, the approach that has helped so many people, just may be counter-productive for this ‘tail' of people who don't make progress because of the very personality traits that Dr Sarno has identified as typifying TMS sufferers!"
  • Susan Derozier’s email to the TMS Wiki: "You are doing exactly what you should be in just writing whatever comes. I realize you are anxious to jump into the child experience but sometimes we need to just follow whatever words present. Sometimes it may not seem to make a lot of sense but believe me, it will."
  • Doubts about Sarno’s method: "I can say though for myself, I did not have doubts as the only other options before me were lie here in pain or have back surgery. I chose to immerse myself in reading daily and writing a lot to clear out years of emotional trash. It worked and I was back to work and living a fun life."

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