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  • TMS Victim, on my way to recovery: There is no way that I could have developed real RSI, if there even is such a thing, in only three days. A 2nd thing, this last monday my pain was almost gone altogether, and it was weird because I had a huge headache that day as well.

  • Can we agree on a name for this syndrome?: I like Psychophysiologic Disorder, too, but many of us have concluded we don't want to label people with anything that includes the "psycho" term. Somatic Stress Disorder seems to be a good blend of what would be acceptable to the public and the medical profession.

  • Why do we argue with our brain?: Absolutely, there are no clear lines between our mind and body; our body and mind are indivisible and it is perfectly appropriate that emotions trigger physical responses, just as physical sensations stir emotional reactions.

  • Morning Back Stiffness: No matter what I do, every morning on waking, I have a very stiff lower back. I sometimes can barely stand. Usually I do a cobra like yoga position (sought of like a Sphinx), and some hamstring stretches and my back is better enough to get through the day.

  • Should doctors agree on the physiology behind “TMS” (aka “MBS” “PPD” etc): The sense that I get about Dr. Pert's writings is that they could help patients make sense of their pain, but that much more research would have to be done to test the theories before the medical establishment would find them as a credible explanation.

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