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TMS Discussion Threads
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  • TMS and motherhood: Dr. Sarno wrote somewhere that 1/3 of our tension comes from the past, 1/3 of it comes from the present, and 1/3 of it comes from the future. In terms of the present, mothers are under a huge amount of stress to get a million things done and, with the responsibility of parenting, sometime to be "perfect."

  • Doubts about Sarno’s method: I can say though for myself, I did not have doubts as the only other options before me were lie here in pain or have back surgery. I chose to immerse myself in reading daily and writing a lot to clear out years of emotional trash. It worked and I was back to work and living a fun life.

  • Applying Michael Brown’s Presence Process to TMS: most people won't do the presence process in my experience. it is as if the ego knows that doing the process will cause too drastic a change to be tolerated. doing the process requires that one give up(progressively) the ability to be a victim of anything.

  • Struggle and Recovery from RSI: I'm so glad that you are taking the time to journal, too. Sometimes, TMS is our brain's way of telling us something, and there may be a lot to be learned from this. Though it may be hard to see now, perhaps you will look back on this someday and see it as a gift from God.

  • Back at work - Making good progress!: I started work again yesterday. It was kind of funny seeing the blank stares from some of my coworkers who I have worked with for over 4 years, when I tried to describe the TMS concept. I still have some minor pain, but I can tell that it is even better than yesterday already.

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